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Civil War Veterans

John Austin has contributed a database of Civil War veterans from St Lawrence County. It consists of information on some 6,800 people who served in the Civil War. These are 5 of the people in the database; you can visit and search the data.

  • McClelland, Andrew - Born: 1845 in Canada; Son of Andrew McClelland and Jane ________
    Enlisted from Madrid in 4th MA Inf Co as Pvt;
    Killed in action in Oct. 1864 at Cedar Creek, VA (1850, 1860, 1865)
  • Kennedy, Patrick - Born: Feb. 27, 1831 in Ireland; Son of Michael Kennedy and Ann Quinn
    Enlisted from DeKalb in 14th NY H Art Co G as Pvt on Nov 9, 1863;
    Discharged for disability Dec. 17, 1863. He then re-enlisted into the 6th NY H. Art. Co. M in January 1864. He was discharged Aug. 19, 1865 at Petersburg, VA. His widowed mother and her children lived in Depeyster in 1860 (TC, AG, 1860, 1865)
  • Goodrich, Robert L. - Born: 1835 in Gouverneur, NY; Son of Thomas Goodrich and Lydia _______
    Enlisted from Gouverneur in 16th NY Inf Band as Music on Sep 26, 1861;
    Discharged for disability Feb. 20, 1862. He lived in DeKalb in 1890 and died in Potsdam Dec. 16, 1897. He is buried in Bayside Cemetery in Potsdam (AG, 1850, 1865, 1890, newspaper, NMC)
  • Cummings, David - Born: 1832;
    Enlisted from Oswegatchie in 142nd NY Inf Co E as Pvt on Sep 6, 1862;
    Absent sick in the Base Hospital at Raleigh, NC when the company mustered out in June 1865. His widow applied for a pension Mar. 22, 1867 (TC, AG, newspaper, data)
  • Allen, Alfred C. - Born: Nov. 26, 1830 in Lebanon, NH; Son of Isaac Allen and Sophrona _____
    Enlisted from Oswegatchie in 78th NY Inf Co G as 1st Lt on Oct 12, 1861;
    Mustered out Feb. 25, 1863 for promotion to Captain in the 78th USCT and later served in the 6th LA Inf. He moved to Chicago in 1884. He died in Chicago, IL Nov. 3, 1893 and is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Chicago. He is listed in the Potsdam and Oswegatchie TC records (TC, AG, 1860, 1865, cemetery, data)

If a name appears in bold, the person died as a result of their service.

St Lawrence County War of 1812 History Trail

War of 1812 Historic SignThe War of 1812 happened right here in our own backyard in St Lawrence County, yet few people are aware of what happened and where. The War of 1812 Virtual Trail is meant to educate us about these important events that shaped our young nation.

Stroll through these sites online or - better yet - make a copy and enjoy a pleasant drive exploring where important events of the War of 1812 happened in St Lawrence County.

Visit the trail

Who are these Civil War officers?

We have located two stereo pairs of the officers of the New York 60th taken at Fauquier Sulphur Springs, Virginia during the Civil War. Some of the people in the picture have been identified. See enlargements of the faces and help us identify more people in the picture. See the picture and help us identify more people in it

Civil War Sesquicentennial

150 years ago this month:

  • Mar 1, 1865 - Fall of Charleston, South Carolina, February 17, 1865.
  • Mar 1, 1865 - Sherman's March northward continues without much opposition they had crossed into North Carolina.
  • Mar 1, 1865 - Both houses of the Louisiana Legislature have ratified an amendatory act abolishing slavery in the United States.
  • Mar 2, 1865 - February 18, 1865, General R E Lee announces that the South will employ blacks in CSA Army.
  • Mar 2, 1865 - Wilmington, North Carolina captured by Union General Terry; a new base for supply for Sherman's Army.
  • Mar 2, 1865 - Battle of Waynesboro (Virginia)
  • Mar 3, 1865 - 2nd (final) Session, 38th Congress, adjourns
  • Mar 4, 1865 - Lincoln reinaugurated
  • Mar 8, 1865 - Battle of Kinston (North Carolina) (to the 10th)
  • Mar 16, 1865 - 142nd New York Infantry has Lieutenant Colonel Albert M Barney mustered as Colonel of 142nd; Major William Jones of Malone to Lieutenant Colonel; N Martin Curtis promoted to Brigadier General of US Volunteers. [Previously Curtis was Brevetted as Brigadier General.] 142nd left for a garrison at Smithville, North Carolina, near Cape Fear
  • Mar 16, 1865 - Battle of Averysboro (North Carolina)
  • Mar 18, 1865 - Brigadier General Newton Martin Curtis arrived home in Ogdensburg, 11 March 1865 after recovering from a headshot wound (above left eye) at Fort Fisher Battle, 15 January 1865.
  • Mar 18, 1865 - Passports order revoked - Canada and US can handle without passports.
  • Mar 18, 1865 - 13th New York Cavalry - Prospect Hill, Virginia, Mosby's Guerillas ambush and surround Co F; 2 killed and 7 wounded, 7 missing and captured, including Albert Shipman. Wounded was Hollis Snell.
  • Mar 18, 1865 - 2nd (final) Session 2nd Confederate Congress, adjourns
  • Mar 19, 1865 - Battle of Bentonville (North Carolina) (to the 21st)
  • Mar 22, 1865 - Wilson's raid (to April 24) south into Alabama
  • Mar 23, 1865 - Several men listed in Franklin and St Lawrence Counties to be drafted.
  • Mar 25, 1865 - Battle of Fort Stedman (Virginia); siege of Mobile, Alabama (to April 12)
  • Mar 29, 1865 - 60th New York Infantry near Fayetteville, North Carolina; Sherman's March North not impeded by Johnston's Army (the Letter was sent 14 March 1865, that was before the Bentonville, North Carolina battle 20 March 1865) Capt Lester Willson commissioned as a Lieutenant Colonel and is the commander of the 60th New York. [60th involved with battle at Averysborough, North Carolina (before Bentonville), only as backup for Bentonville on second day.]
  • Mar 29, 1865 - Fort Stedman attacked at Petersburg, Virginia - Rebels capture the Fort but fail to keep it, Union Army retakes the Fort. 14th New York Heavy Artillery in front line of that battle and lost many casualties, including 13 killed, 35 wounded, and 209 missing [supposed mostly captured].
  • Mar 29, 1865 - Captain Charles H Houghton, 14th New York Heavy Artillery, awarded Medal of Honor for bravery at Fort Stedman, 1865.
  • Mar 31, 1865 - Battle of Dinwiddie Court House (Virginia)

Events in bold are St Lawrence County events