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Arcadia Images of America Books
Item Price
Around Oswegatchie by David E. Martin $19.99 
Boats and Boating on Cranberry Lake by Allen Splete $21.99 
Canton by Linda Casserly, Julie Sherman Grayson, Judith Liscum $21.99 
Claxton-Hepburn Medical Center by Claxton-Hepburn Archives $19.99 
Cranberry Lake and Wanakena by Susan Smeby (postcard book series) $19.99 
Massena by Theresa Sharp and David E. Martin $19.99 
Ogdensburg by David E. Martin $19.99 
Potsdam by Potsdam Public Museum staff $19.99 
St Lawrence County by Christopher Angus and Susan Wood $19.99 
St Lawrence County Portraits by Patricia Carson and Anne Mazzotta $19.99 
St. Lawrence University by David Hornung & Peter Van de Water $19.99 
State University of New York at Canton by Douglas Welch $19.99 
State University of New York at Potsdam by Jane Subramanian & Virginia Cayey $21.99 
Children's Books
Item Price
Adirondack Kids #1 $9.95 
Adirondack Kids #2 - Rescue on Bald Mountain $9.95 
Adirondack Kids #3 - The Lost Lighthouse $9.95 
Adirondack Kids #4 - The Great Train Robbery $9.95 
Adirondack Kids #5 - Islands in the Sky $9.95 
Adirondack Kids #7 - Mystery Moose $9.95 
Adirondack Kids #9 - Legend of the Lake Monster $9.95 
Adirondack Kids Coloring Book - Runaway Dax $3.95 
Adirondack Short Stories for Children by Elizabeth Lipiec Zerbst $10.00 
Big Cats by Bobbie Kalman $5.95 
Butterflies and Moths by Bobbie Kalman $5.95 
Early Explorers in New York by Lynn George $4.95 
Have Fun With American Heroes (activities, projects and fascinating facts) $14.95 
Have Fun With the Presidents (activities, projects and fascinating facts) $14.95 
Historic Community Series - Old-Time Toys by Bobbie Kalman $7.95 
Historic Community Series - The General Store by Bobbie Kalman $7.95 
Historic Community Series - Victorian Christmas by Bobbie Kalman $7.95 
Homes of Living Things by Bobbie Kalman $6.95 
Homes on the Move by Nicola Barber $7.95 
Jacques Cousteau: Conservingt Underwater Worlds by John Zronik $8.95 
My Little Book of Bald Eagles by Hope Irvin Martson $7.95 
My Little Book of Burrowing Owls by Hope Irvin Martson $7.95 
My Little Book of Timber Wolves by Hope Irvin Marston $7.95 
Mystery at Lake Placid by Roy MacGregor (Screech Owls hockey, fiction) $4.95 
Nightlight by Jeannine Anderson, Nikki Johson, Joy Dey $7.95 
Oink, Oink and Other Animal Sounds (a board book) $7.95 
Sam, the Adirondack Railroad Cat by Nancy Douglas $6.50 
Sea Turtles Hatching by Katherine Orr $7.95 
Spotlight on the U.S.A. by Bobbie Kalman $7.95 
The American Boy's Handy Book $12.95 
The American Girls Handy Book $12.95 
The Field and Forest Handy Book $14.95 
Unsolved Mysteries of American History $15.95 
Usborne Learning Books - Adding, 5-6yrs. (sticker) $6.95 
Usborne Learning Books - Fractions, 6-7yrs. (sticker) $6.95 
Usborne Learning Books - Opposites $4.95 
Usborne Learning Books - Starting to Measure $4.95 
Usborne Learning Books - Starting to Read (sticker) $6.95 
Usborne Learning Books - Times ables, 6-7yrs (sticker) $6.95 
Civil War Books ( for adults )
Item Price
"He is Our Colonel." When the 106th NY Vols. Came to VA by James Droegemeyer $18.95 
Civil War Soldier Life in Camp & Battle by George F. Williams $5.00 
Gallantry in the Field: Potsdam in the Civil War, edited by Potsdam Public Museum $8.00 
Kiss Me Goodbye (fiction) by Bonny Barry Sanders $17.95 
No Middle Ground: Thomas Ward Osborne's Letters from the Field, 1862-1864 $20.00 
Civil War Books ( for kids and young adults )
Item Price
Abe's Honest Words by Doreen Rappaport (grades 1-3) $16.99 
Black Soldiers in the Civil War $3.95 
Gettysburg: Bold Battle in the North (Cobblestone) $17.95 
Isaac Johnson: From Slave to Stonecutter by Hope Irvin Marston $17.95 
Life on the Homefront During the Civil War by Melissa Doak $9.95 
Meet Abraham Lincoln by Barbara Cary (grades 2 and up) $4.99 
Young Heroes of the Civil War by C.A. Fiore $9.99 
Young Heroes of the North and South (Cobblestone) $17.95 
Home Arts and Recipe Books
Item Price
Dinner at the Wright House 25¢
Landmarks and Lemon Crackers: A North Country Cookbook (regular price) $14.00 
Landmarks and Lemon Crackers: A North Country Cookbook (SLCHA members price) $12.50 
Natural Dyes and Home Dying by R. Adrosko $9.95 
New Preserves: Pickles, Jams, and Jellies by Anne Nelson $17.00 
Old World Lace by Clara Blum $7.95 
Picnic at the Point 25¢
Local Poetry
Item Price
Chocolate Cake and Mustard by James Todd $13.00 
Hokey-Diddle by James Todd $13.00 
Maple Colored Memories by Helen Bradley Randall (Madrid) $5.00 
Memories and Musings by James Todd $13.00 
More Memories and Musings by James Todd $13.00 
Neighbors of Yesterday by Jeanne Robert Foster $10.00 
Prunes and Apple Pie by James Todd $13.00 
So It Is (poetry on the 100th Anniv. of Grindstone Isl. Methodist Church) by Aminta Marks $13.50 
Native American History ( for adults/young adults )
Item Price
Basic Call to Consciousness (edited by Akwesasne Notes, 2005) $11.95 
Famous Native North Americans by Bobbie Kalman and Mollie Aloian $8.95 
Life in a Longhouse Village by Bobbie Kalman $8.95 
Roots of the Iroquois by Tehanetorens (Ray Fadden), 2000 $9.95 
The Iroquois: Longhouse Builders $6.95 
Wampum Belts of the Iroquois by Tehanetorens (Ray Fadden), 1999 $9.95 
North Country Fiction ( for adults and young adults )
Item Price
Adirondack Treasure: The Bonaparte Legacy by Matthew Glavin $18.95 
Mystery at Lake Placid by Roy MacGregor (Screech Owls hockey, fiction) $4.95 
Reflection, A Novel by Aaron Brownell $14.95 
Sackets Harbor Powder Monkey by Hope Irvin Martson $7.95 
Taking Hart by M.A. Noble $11.95 
The Brother of Sleep by Maggie Wheeler (Seaway lost villages, Canada) $24.95 
The Island Adventures of Frodo McAdoo by Louise deV. Strong ( St Lawrence River) $12.95 
The Raven by Mark Holdren (Adirondacks, time travel) $14.95 
Winnegatoo, An Early Story of Northern New York by Dan Spafford Giffin (hardcover) $12.95 
Winnegatoo, An Early Story of Northern New York by Dan Spafford Giffin (softcover) $7.95 
Published by SLCHA ( non-taxable, various topics )
Item Price
St Lawrence Chronicler (SLCHA history magazine for kids) $3.00 
The Quarterly (SLCHA's Historical Journal) [members only $2.00] $4.00 
Wright House Recollections 50¢
St Lawrence Valley Towns-Villages-People ( non-fiction )
Item Price
"With Hand and Heart": The Courtship Letters of Franklin B. Hough & Mariah Kilham, 1849 $14.95 
A. Barton Hepburn: Son of the North Country by Melissa Barker $4.00 
Canton's 1st Presbyterian Church 200th Anniversary, 1807-2007 by David Hornung $10.00 
Canton: The Town Friendliness Built by Judy Liscum and students $10.00 
Centennial Souvenir History of Gouverneur, Rossie, Fowler, Hammond, Edwards, DeKalb, 1905 $47.00 
Centennial Souvenir History of Gouverneur. AN INDEX by Norman Young $2.00 
Chichee's Trunk, a True Story of Roots and Branches by John Van de Water $8.00 
Claims to Name: Toponyms of St Lawrence County by Kelsie Harder and Mary Smallman (hardcover) $25.00 
Dear Home: The 1901-1902 Diaries of Mabel Lila Waite by Susan Ward $1,695.00 
Five Generation Genealogy Charts by St Lawrence Valley Genealogical Society $5.00 
Fort Oswegatchie by Jim Reagan $19.99 
Gem of the Adirondacks: Star Lake, Benson Mines and the Global Economy $15.95 
Geological History of Hammond Township by R.V.Dietrich $14.00 
Heroes of the American Revolution, St. Lawrence County, NY by Nihanawate Chapter, DAR $12.00 
History of St Lawrence County, NY edited by Gates Curtis, 1894 $115.00 
History of St Lawrence County, NY [Index to] edited by Everts $10.00 
History of Town of Russell, 1807-2007 $15.00 
Hopkinton: The Second Hundred Years by Dale Burnett $45.00 
Knee Britches (growing up in c1900 Canton) by Clarence Armstrong, 1985 $6.00 
Manslaughter in Massena: The Untold Geo. D. LaFluer Story, July 1902 by Philip LaFluer Sr. $15.00 
Messengers of Music: The Legacy of Julia E Crane by Caron L Collins $45.99 
Murder and Mayhem in St Lawrence County by Cheri Farnsworth $19.99 
Nineteenth Century St Lawrence County Artists - an exhibition catalogue, 1980 $1.00 
Oswegatchie: A North Country River edited by Christopher Angus $16.95 
Our History (Town of Stockholm) by the Stockholm Historical Organization $20.00 
Reminiscences of Canton by Carl Witherbee $7.95 
River Life, the Thousand Islands, St Lawrence River by Michael Ringer $29.95 
River Reflections Revisited: A Short History of Morristown, NY by Lorraine Bogardus $18.95 
Rushton and His Times in American Canoeing by Atwood Manley, 1968 $19.95 
Rushton Canoe Races - 50th Anniversary Commemorative Booklet 2011 $10.00 
Sandbox to Mortarboard Laughing all the Way (Canton 1930s-40s) by Dorine Cornell Lord $20.00 
Seaway Trail Bicycle Route, Eastern Segment $2.95 
Seaway Trail Lighthouses by James Tinney and Mary Burdette-Watkins $5.95 
Seaway Trail Wildguide to Natural History by Donald Cox $7.95 
Silas Wright: The Farmer Statesman by William Mallam $4.00 
Spafford's 1824 Guide for New York Travellers (reprint) $9.95 
St. Lawrence Seaway & Power Project: An Oral History by Claire P. Parham $34.95 
Star Lake: An Adirondack Community in the '50s and '60s by Russell Hall $16.95 
Stepping Back in Time: Tales from the Country Schools by Judy Liscum $19.99 
The American Leonardo: A Life of Samuel F. B. Morse by Carleton Mabee $25.00 
The Art of Being an Artist (bio of Sally James Farnham) by Peter Hassrick $20.00 
The Patriot War Along the New York-Canada Border: Raiders & Rebels by Shaun McLaughlin $19.99 
The Supervisor Story, 1802-1973 edited by Mary Biondi $3.00 
The Supervisor Story, 1802-1973, AN INDEX compiled by Norman Young $2.00 
This is What I Thought at the Time by Peter Van de Water $20.00 
This Land, These People by John Van de Water $10.00 
Warriors of La Presentation by Jim Reagan $19.95 
Waterways of War (French & Indian War in New York State) by Steve Bensin & Ron Toelke $9.95 
Wicked Northern New York by Cheri Farnsworth $19.99 
Wright House Paper Model (model to cut out, build, and color) $3.00 
The Adirondacks
Item Price
A History of the Adirondacks (2 volumes) by Alfred Donaldson $45.00 
Adirondack Guides from the Town of Fine compiled by Jean Grimm $5.00 
Adirondack Stories II: 101 More Historical Sketches by Marty Podskoch $18.95 
Adirondack Stories: Historical Sketches by Marty Podskoch $18.95 
Breaking Trail: Remarkable Women of the Adirondacks by P. Lynn and S. Weber $18.00 
Canoeing the Adirondacks with Nessmuck (the ADK letters of G.W.Sears) $19.95 
Discover the Northwestern Adirondacks by McMartin, Brenning and O'Shea $13.00 
Ginseng and Golden Seal booklet, reprinted from 1925 50¢
How to Build Custom-Made Handcrafted Fishing Rods by John Emery $5.95 
In Stoddard's Footsteps: Adirondacks Then and Now by Seneca Ray Stoddard and Mark Bowie $24.95 
Inside the Blue Line: Essays on Adirondacks (SUNY Potsdam) $19.95 
Jordan Club Centennial edited by Henry Schmidt (ADK camp life) $4.00 
Murder in the Adirondacks by Craig Brandon (Grace Brown murder) $20.00 
NY State's Mountain Heritage: Adirondack Attic, Vol. 1 by Andy Flynn $16.95 
NY State's Mountain Heritage: Adirondack Attic, Vol. 2 by Andy Flynn $18.00 
NY State's Mountain Heritage: Adirondack Attic, Vol. 3 by Andy Flynn $18.00 
NY State's Mountain Heritage: Adirondack Attic, Vol. 4 by Andy Flynn $18.00 
NY State's Mountain Heritage: Adirondack Attic, Vol. 5 by Andy Flynn $18.00 
NY State's Mountain Heritage: Adirondack Attic, Vol. 6 by Andy Flynn $18.00 
Reflections From Canoe Country: Paddling the Waters of the ADKS & Canada by Chris Angus $19.95 
The Extraordinary Adirondack Journey of Clarence Petty by Chris Angus $19.95 
The Forest Preserve of NYS in the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains by N. Van Valkenburgh $8.00 
Uneven Ground by Paul Jamieson, 1992 $19.95 
Wild Ducks and Geese of North America by Sandra Romashko $2.95